You are now Immortal

I am no physicist and make no claims to the contrary. I work in systems of pure logic, I look for problems, and I fix them. Along the way sometimes I find shortcuts of immense value in terms of time and/or effort and/or resources. Today I'm going to reveal to you something of immense value, that for a very long time I considered keeping to myself and using later on for my own gain. But before, I'm going to explain a little about how I think the universe works, and why we're all a lot smaller than we originally thought. And before you get upset about me trashing most of the respected tenets of physics, I want you to know that I'm far more interested in influencing Science Fiction than Science fact. After all it's a far more respectable field.

It starts by changing our perception of what mass and energy are. We already know that the two are related. I'm going to show you that there is a chain of massenergy states, and that they're all related - and might just be infinite. We know that matter can't move slower than zero and can't move faster than light. We also know that matter has a minimum temperature - absolute zero, where molecular motion stops, and a 'singularity' is formed. From this we can extrapolate that matter also has a maximum temperature. At a certain level of heat which is sure to be similar regardless of element, molecular motion would approach the speed of light, and thus reach a brick wall. confronted with this predicament, I believe that the matter itself would rupture, each atom splitting into countless photons and other pieces of pure energy, abandoning the state of matter altogether. That means that at a certain point, matter and energy connect, which indicates the possibility of another connection elsewhere.

At absolute zero it's possible that the process is similar but in reverse - as a group of atoms is drained of heat and approaches absolute zero, it begins to lose the energy that keeps the electrons rotating around it, loses whatever energy bonds there are that establish boundaries between atoms, and becomes a mess of cold, fine, densely packed substance that merges together. But as this stuff congeals, it undergoes a transformation of its own. Where previously each atom had its own boundaries and electrons, now they are one large(r) entity, with a single defined structure. I believe that this supercold, superdense object or cluster of supercold superdense objects would be significant enough to trap anything smaller than an electron within its folds, thus creating the illusion that it is not there. The best I can come up with is that this is the "dark matter" that others talk about being the missing mass from the known mass of the universe. But if it existed it would have to be in a location where other objects of significant mass would be rotating around it, influenced by its impressive gravity. At the center of our galaxy, and all others. Now that's a large leap of logic, and even attempting to prove this would require a hell of a lot more research and paperwork than I feel like doing, so I'm not going to. Instead I'm just going to go the easy route, and I'm going to try and disprove it. And like any true mastermind, I'm going to get something I want in the process. Immortality, eternal youth, the cure to all diseases, the means to defeat all viruses and threats to the human race, and the answer to every mystery of earth for all time, for a start.

Let's take a look at my chart here.From here we see that dark matter is matter that is below absolute zero in temperature and slower than full stop - that's crazy. As creatures of matter and energy it's actually physically impossible to even conceive of this state of being. A creature made out of dark matter would be so huge that our galaxy would be nothing more than a single atom to it. Its thoughts would be so slow that civilizations would live, grow, expand, and colonize their entire galaxy before it could process part of a command to lift its finger.

But we can also see a state of energy above that of light - I call it warp, because that's an awesome name and if you disagree, you're wrong, and it's called warp. It introduces the possibility of a creature made out of energy that thinks at the speed of warp - faster than light, and very very small. This possibility is the center of the idea that I'm making public here.

Many years ago I had a brilliant moment, and discovered the most intelligent thing that could be done with any form of faster than light transportation. If you can move faster than light, you can put a telescope or recording device out in space, and record history - if you can ever go faster then light, then you can create a fleet of "light-scholars" to go out and record all of human history. Solve every crime, every unknown from your entire planet's entire history, and heck, do the same for every planet that could have supported life - restore artifacts back to their original glory, and remember fallen civilizations that were erased from history.

There is as you can see, a catch to this. it's not really feasible to send individual people out to locations like this - machines would be far more efficient, and even then, the number of them that would have to be used would be unfathomably large, and that number only inflates as time goes by.

Well, transportation is simply the communication of physical objects. surely communication or observation would be much faster? As luck would have it, this should be true. Our eyes are made out of matter and can detect energy - only light energy, but there are many other wavelengths that can be detected by our telescopes. But those telescopes are made out of matter and suffer from that limitation.

So let's build a telescope, or eyeball, out of light. That light-scholar could point out to space and see -not energy- but warp. armed with that near-infinitely tiny but infinitely numerous data, it could then piece together information from every single photon that has ever bounced off of earth and into the night sky. With that information, and no need to rush, but in reasonable time, the light-scholar would assemble a complete, unabridged history of every atom of The Human Race, and of Earth. Because even those atoms that are hidden behind others are exposed to some energy, invisible but there. Basically anything on Earth that has ever been exposed to sunlight could, and would, be recreated, down to its atomic structures, if necessary. That means that every person that has ever lived could be recreated and reborn, every crime that's ever been committed would be solved - with the guilty parties identified, and the innocent cleared if necessary and avenged. It means that every single person that has committed suicide rather than face justice can be cheated out of their opportunity to cheat the world! We would be able to restore artifacts lost to time, such as the many texts lost during the dark ages, the cover to the Book of Kells, the nose of the Sphinx...

I mentioned I wanted to test my hypothesis and get something of my own out of it. You see what I'd like to get out of it, but how do we prove that the center of the galaxy is not a black hole but a cluster of dark matter orbs? We point a light-scholar made out of energy at a single atom. If my suspicions are correct, then an eye made out of energy cannot see matter, just like an eye made out of matter cannot see dark matter. establishing this link would prove the relationship between dark matter, matter, energy, and warp, and would mark the beginning of a new age of human discovery.

But the best part is that: if this technology is ever developed in the future, you are Immortal right now. Even if the light-scholar made out of energy fails, the others will work, they'll just take longer, and time is in infinite supply, provided we explore our galaxy and diversify our resources. Human beings have the potential, and now a clear plan to build their own version of heaven, to explore the galaxies out there and create an infinite number of places to visit, experiences to document, and stories to tell. Now, we have a clear vision of the limits of human potential: that we can explore more than the entire universe. After all, when you get bored of being a godlike being over galaxies, you could create a body out of galaxies and explore whatever is out there in that vastness, or shrink down to a creature made out of photons and explore that, and every other photon-planet rotating around an electron. Me? I look forward to creating bodies on many worlds and exploring multiple places at once. I've always been a bit of a multitasker.

(the original plan was to post this at midnight, GMT on August 21 2011, my birthday, but whatever, it's still midnight somewhere)