Star Trek Online is good.

So I tried out Star Trek Online when it was in beta, fully expecting it to be incomplete, unfaithful, and mediocre.  Five bucks is nothing, I thought, and when I first logged in and played around, it seemed to be exactly as i predicted.

I logged back in a day later, and started messing around with my inventory after i had looted a tribble.  I found two of them, and couldn't spot the romulan ale i had looted earlier... a little while later I check back to see there are now 5 tribbles! I quickly handed them out to my bridge crew, hoping to stem the tide of the epidemic, and beamed down to a planet to investigate some fishy seismic readings. I hear purring, and quickly spin around to see which officer is responsible, when they all hide behind me. Then I calmly turn the camera around slowly and wait, and catch her in the act!

My vulcan engineer is smiling and stroking the tribble, and I just lose it and laugh.

The game is filled with all sorts of Trek stuff, but the best by far are all the little things.  The Wolf 359 fleet graveyard, the Ferengi smugglers, the planets you land on that look like they're straight out of the original series' oil paintings...

Good is just the right word to describe it.